How We Operate

As a Dedicated Startup Health focused business incubator which started in 2016
We are utilizing world class global IP as well as our own Saudi proprietary IP.

We want to embrace lean experimentation principles to create value in the findings that have deep social impacts. We operate in a dynamic, resourceful and efficient matter.

Using Saudi specific IP and knowledge and validating through our wide access to public sector and private sector key opinion leaders and national subject matter experts.

We make our decisions incorporating the best practices, research evidence as well as clinical experience. We rely on programs that can be replicated after being standardized and evaluated in terms of outcome. This is crucial when it comes to innovation. We initiate programs that have been proven in terms of efficacy and efficiency.

We also utilize our own proprietary IP for complex human capacity projects and Health innovation and are guided by the 10 types of innovation model

The 10 Types of Innovation

Profit Model

How you make money


How you join with others to create value


How you align your talent and assets


How you develop and create your offerings

Product Performance

How you differentiate your product or service offerings

Product System

How you create complementary products and services


How you ensure and enhance the value of your offerings


How you connect your offerings with customers and users


How you represent your offerings and business

Customer Engagement

How you foster distinctive experiences

Complex Medical PPP Realization & Management

1. Identify

2. Match

3. Deploy

4. Localize

5. Realize

We IDENTIFY robust technologies based on the demand and needs of KSA and MATCH it to population health system needs.

Then, we DEPLOY population based or health system interventions with technical international partners to build local capacity in KSA localizing innovative solutions.

As a result, our commercial targets will activate a shift in the type of partnership where the technical partners will come to LOCALIZE the know how. This is how we REALIZE your goals.

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