Our Comprehensive Products Range

Because of our strategic outlook to promote and nurture a healthy environment in every aspect, we have partnered with regional and global manufacturers to offer and provide products, equipment and tools that will alleviate Personal Care, Facilities Hygiene and Disinfecting commodities to promote a sustainable healthy ecosystem.

Through our strategic partners, we offer a diverse range of products & technologies that include water disinfection, waste transformation and reduction, as well as personal and facilities care.

Personal & Medical Care

We have partnered with AquaCare® to offer a wide range of disinfecting products for personal and commercial use, in addition to a range of water disinfection technologies for effective water decontamination using innovative scientific methods and tools.

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Waste Treatment

OMPECO® offers a wide range of Waste Treatment equipment for the Civil and Military Sectors, using smart technologies and materials that not only minimize waste volumes, but also transform waste into Refuse Derived Fuel, reaching zero waste emission.

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